Lango Hstory

Lindi (Region) Association of Non Governmental Organizations (Lango)

Lindi (Region) Association of Non Governmental Organizations – LANGO is non partisan and not for profit making and/or sharing registered Non Governmental Organization (NGO) network, established in June, 2007 and registered on 29th September 2008 by Registrar of Non Governmental Organizations under the Ministry of Community Development, Gender and Children (MCDGC) with given Registration Number 08NGO/00002518 made under section 12 (2) (Application for Registration under) Act No.24 of 2002.  LANGO members are registered District NGO Networks working in Lindi District (LINGONET), Liwale District (ULIDINGO), Kilwa District (KINGONET), Ruangwa District (RUANGONET) and Nachingwea District (NANGONET).  Currently, LANGO has five district networks member organizations with more than 160 NGOs/CSOs/CBOS working at grass root level.



Vision, Mission, Objectives and Values


LANGO’s Vision states; “having Cooperative, Effective and Efficient Non Governmental Organizations in Lindi region which are strengthened and sustainable in delivering to its beneficiaries and communities”



LANGO’s Mission states; To strengthen, promote and improve effectiveness and efficiency of the Non Governmental Organizations in Lindi region through capacity building and enhancing relationship and cooperation in achieving the role of alleviating poverty among the communities”



LANGO Objectives are;-

  • Providing capacity building to Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and local communities on different policy, legal frameworks and development aspects.
  • Sharing of information and networking among CSOs and other key development actors
  • Policy lobbying and advocacy interventions.
  • Promote governance and rule of law at local levels.
  • Protection of human rights and promotion of gender equality.
  • Fair sharing of natural resources for broader benefit of ordinary citizens.
  • Cross cutting issues such as; education, health, infrastructures etc
  • Environmental conservation and climate change mitig


  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Integrity
  • Cooperation
  • Creativity
  • Effectiveness and Efficiency